Louisiana Missionary Baptist State Convention
Dr. C. S. Gordon, Jr., President

General Secretary Dr. Edward Alexander, Jr.



Louisiana Baptist State
Congress of Christian Education
July 2015 Class Schedule

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Christian Baptist Church Family Life Center
    4460 5th Avenue
(337) 478-6423; Fax: (337) 478-6426; 
         Edward Alexander, Jr., Pastor
MUSICAL--Christian Baptist FLC
       (SWLA Charter Academy) 1700 E. McNeese Street
 (337) 479-7900
PARENT BODY--CBC Family Life Center
     President Gordon’s Annual Message,
 Director Bilberry’s Annual Message,
 Dean Billups’-  Annual Message
 ALL Auxiliary Directors’ Annual Message
CBC Family Life Center 
Fellowship Worship/LATE NIGHT--CBC Family Life Center
WOMEN AUXILIARY--New Sunlight Baptist Church
          515 V.E. Washington Street; phone
 (337) 436-8965; Fax; (337) 436-8989
     Harold J. Robinson, Pastor
Brotherhood/LAYMEN Auxiliary--CBC Family Life Center
Young Pastors' Ministry - CBCFamily Life Center
           Bethel Metropolitan Fellowship Church 
  1400 Enterprise Blvd.
     Clyde Lewis, Pastor
Children & Youth Rally - CBC Family Life Center
SWLA Charter Academy

Louisiana Baptist Youth Encampment
2015 Calendar of Activities  

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The Young People's Department 

This is just a reminder that the State Young People's Department recognizes high school and college graduates at the State Convention each year.  They do not have to be present to recognized in the Souvenin Program or to receive the token and certificate presented this year.  We look forward each year to the number of outstanding young people and adults in our convention. Make sure that your young people are recognized for this great achievement. 

Please review the attached brochure.  Please don't hesitate to contact the persons indicated on the brochure if you have questions.  Please adhere tot he deadlines.  It is our goal to recognize at least 10 graduates from each district or association.  Thank you for your support
Subject: Incorrect Email Address on Graduate Ad Page
The correct email address is
 Please remember that the deadline is Tuesday, June 30, 2015.
Thank you for your support
State Convention Agenda & Packet 2015
Honoree Brochure
Wedding of the Roses Application


Annual Session
July 19-24, 2015
Lake Charles, LA

Parent Body/Combined
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              Host Committee
Calcasieu District Association
 Mack C. Guillory Moderator
7th District Association
 Gerald W. Perkins, Moderator
 6th District Association
 Norman A. Stovall, Moderator
5th District Association
 Irving Brown. Moderator
Pastor Mack C. Guillory
 Host Committee Chairman
Pastor Gerald W. Perkins
 Host Committee Co-Chairman

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Pastors Information Update Form
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Pastoral Vacancy
 St. Luke Baptist Church Baptist Church
Dayton, Ohio  read more

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2015 Louisiana State Convention

               LAYMEN DEPARTMENT
Dates to Remember 2014-2015
A J. Cains Scholarship
All applications must be submitted on of before June 30, 2015
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